American Asset Recovery Logo

Logo Project

66 GTO

66 GTO vector art
Car Rendering for a Client

Spark Digital Center Spread

Ficticious Magazine Center Spread
Layout Project for a fictitious Tech Company

2015 Mustang GT

Bright Red Mustang with the background replaced.
Photoshop Composition of a car I shot on the lot, cleaned up the window stickers and lock-box, and replaced the background.

Star Fruit Website

Ficticious site based on Star Fruit
Fictitious website based of a food
Click to Visit

Child's Birthday Invitation

Pokemon Themed Birthday Invite
Invitation combining Pokemon and a Winter Theme

Sale Pending Real Estate Postcard

Real Estate Post Card
Post Card designed to draw listings to an agent

Everyone Loves Hoff.

Ficticious site about David Hasselhoff
Website based on the Musical Exploits of The HoffSite for Educational Purposes Only. Click to See

NetFlix Newbie

Image of the home page of a student web design project about Netflix
Website aimed at helping new Netflix Users Site for Educational Purposes Only. Click to See

Business Card Design

IgniteInsight Design's Current Business Card design
My Current Business Card

Personal Trainer Logo

Logo Design, Personal Trainer Business
Logo Designed for a Fictitious Personal Training Company I named Phoenix Forge

Ignite Vacation: Featuring Kings Island

Image of the home page for a web design project about a vacation travel site.
Website for a Fictitious travel Planning Company Site for Educational Purposes Only. Click to See

Spark Digital Logo Development

Logo desing for a ficticious Technology company/>
		<div class= Logo Designed Based on a fictitious Tech Copy's re-branding requirements

Word Art Project

Photoshop Digital art
Photoshop Composition Utilizing 3D and Texture effects based on the word EMBER

The Girl with a Rose on Her Head

Photo Montage Project Using a fairytale for inspiration
A photo montage inspired by an obscure fairy tale

Embossed Gym Bag

Marketing Promotional Items Based on a ficticious Personal Training Business
Marketing Promotional Items Based on a ficticious Personal Training Business

Horizontal Push Clamp

A working 3d model of an industrial push clamp
Working Solid Computer Model of a standard Push Clamp. Modeled in Solid Works.

Say Hi to Jack

A digital photoshop painting of a Jack in the box made from simple geometric shapes.
Black and White Digital art piece inspired by basic shapes and a Jack-In-The-Box


a 3 d model of a generation on transformer action figure
Functioning Action Figure Model of a Gen 1 Tranformer